Weekly Update: Outlining a Budget That Invests in Schools and Asks for a Commonsense Severance Tax

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

February 09, 2018

Investing in Infrastructure, Promoting Pennsylvania’s Workforce, and Fighting for Fair Maps

Budget Address

On Tuesday, Governor Wolf gave his fourth budget address, where he outlined a plan to ensure Pennsylvania’s workforce has the skills and education to succeed in 21st century jobs. The governor announced that his budget will continue to invest in education and workforce development by providing an additional $225 million to improve education, including $50 million for career and technical education.

“Developing a workforce that can compete and win in the 21st-century economy is the single best way to help Pennsylvania businesses grow – and attract new businesses to our commonwealth,” Governor Wolf said. “It’s also the single best thing we can do to help more of our people find better jobs – not just tomorrow, but today.

“Indeed, these aren’t just jobs, but careers – everything from welding and machining to coding and advanced manufacturing – careers that can sustain families and enrich communities.”

The governor also repeated his request for the legislature to implement a commonsense severance tax.

Workforce Development

Governor Wolf continued to target investments in job growth on Wednesday when he announced new approvals for low-interest loans to support 20 small business projects in 13 counties. These loans are offered through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, and the governor said they will create and retain more than 1,100 jobs statewide.

The governor also announced the launch of the new Business One-Stop Shop to serve as a centralized source of business development for Pennsylvania’s entrepreneurs and small businesses. Previously, business development sources were scattered across various agencies, and their consolidation into one website gives individuals streamlined access to all stages of business development from planning and startup to operation and expansion.

“I know first-hand how difficult it can be as a business owner to navigate through the complex web of processes, requirements, and resources that are needed to successfully run a business,” Governor Wolf said. “That’s why I tasked my administration to come together across agencies to simplify the process so entrepreneurs can get back to doing what they do best – creating, innovating, and succeeding in Pennsylvania.”


On Monday, Governor Wolf reaffirmed his stance that the only congressional map Pennsylvania should support is one with fair representation.

“The U.S. Supreme Court correctly recognized that there is no reason to delay implementing the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s order. Now, all parties must focus on getting a fair map in place. Gerrymandering is wrong and we must correct errors of the past with the existing map. My team is ready, willing and able to work with the General Assembly to ensure a new map is fair and within the clear orders given by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”


On Thursday, Governor Wolf sent a letter to President Trump asking him to deliver on his promise of federal funding for Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.

“While many states, including Pennsylvania, have increased investments in our infrastructure, the federal government has not done the same,” said Governor Wolf. “From the beginning, I have remained hopeful that the Trump Administration would prioritize infrastructure investments and would work with us to address our infrastructure needs to help bolster the commonwealth’s economy and support good paying jobs for Pennsylvanians. I urge the federal government to work with us on a meaningful proposal that will invest in our traditional public infrastructure.”

The governor also announced on Thursday that 45 highway, bridge, bike, and pedestrian port and water projects will receive funding from the Department of Transportation’s Multimodal Transportation Fund. He stated that these projects will benefit communities and residents in 22 counties across the commonwealth.

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