Weekly Update: Outlining Budget Priorities, Fighting to Protect Health Care, Advocating for Libre’s Law

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

June 23, 2017

With the budget deadline approaching, Governor Wolf kicked off this week by outlining his budget priorities. A major priority for Governor Wolf’s budget is the merging of four departments to create the Department of Health and Human Services. A broad coalition of health and human services advocates voiced their support of the proposed merger, which would allow government to work more efficiently, deliver better services and generate long term savings. The governor also received a message from 350 organizations and child care providers sharing their support for Governor Wolf’s proposed budget investment in child care.

Governor Wolf continues to speak out against the GOP’s American Health Care Act and the devastating effects the bill would have on Pennsylvanians’ healthcare if passed. On Tuesday, the governor released a statement on the potential impact the AHCA’s Medicaid cuts would have on Pennsylvanians seeking treatment for substance use disorder. Governor Wolf also sent a letter to Senator Pat Toomey asking him to consider the bipartisan concern over AHCA and the impact of drastic cuts to Medicaid. On Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled their version of the health care bill and Governor Wolf responded by reiterating that the proposed deep cuts to Medicaid would be detrimental to Pennsylvania’s seniors, children, individuals with disabilities, working families, and rural hospitals.

Governor Wolf also urged the Pennsylvania Senate to pass HB 1238, also known as Libre’s Law. This legislation is an overhaul of Pennsylvania’s animal abuse laws and passed unanimously in the Senate. Governor Wolf plans to sign the bill into law next week.

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