Weekly Update: Resurfacing PA, Protecting Students, and Standing up for Public Education

May 29, 2018

Resurface PA
Last Thursday, Governor Wolf announced Resurface PA, which is a statewide initiative that will accelerate repaving work on interstates and attack potholes across Pennsylvania. A significant of this program’s funding is through savings that have accumulated since the governor took office in 2015.

Governor Wolf directed PennDOT to dedicate as many resources as possible to pothole and pavement repairs. The department has prioritized $22.3 million for immediate pothole repairs through June 30, which translates into nearly 30,000 tons of patching material. An additional $7 million will be invested in seven interstate maintenance projects covering potholes and other repairs on 78 miles of roads this year.

Gun Safety
In the wake of the tragedy in Santa Fe, Texas, Governor Wolf reiterated his call for state lawmakers to pass gun safety measures to his desk last Monday. This includes Senate Bill 501 which would keep guns away from domestic abusers as well as taking action to close a loophole allowing high-powered long guns, including AR-15s, to be bought without a background check by Pennsylvania State Police.

“It has been more than three months since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, yet state lawmakers have failed to pass any gun safety measures to my desk. Now, after another massacre has taken the lives of innocent kids, we must act.”

Schools that Teach
On Tuesday, Governor Wolf announced his opposition to Senate Bill 2, which would take scarce resources that currently go to public schools and direct them to private schools.

“I have fought to protect public education and restore the state funding cut from our public schools under the previous administration. Senate Bill 2 would take us backwards and could mean many millions of dollars being cut from public schools. We need to invest in Pennsylvania’s public schools and improve education for all students. Every child deserves a quality education, no matter where they live.”

The Wolf administration also secured funding to recruit and help military veterans who are considering a career in teaching this week. Last Thursday, Governor Wolf announced that $1.6 million will be used as part of the Troops for Teachers program, which will enable veterans to bring their knowledge and skills to Pennsylvania’s classrooms.

Lastly, Governor Wolf was pleased to issue a statement of support for the appointment of Dr. Daniel Greenstein as the Pennsylvania State System of High Education’s next chancellor last Monday.

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