Weekly Update: Sending Help to Houston, Calling for Universal Lead Level Testing, Joining Bipartisan Governors to Strengthen Health Insurance Markets

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

September 01, 2017

As the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey continued to spread in Gulf Coast, Governor Wolf announced Sunday that PA Task Force One would depart for Texas to assist in water rescue efforts. On Tuesday, the governor announced that members of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard would also be departing for Texas to assist with communication efforts as the hurricane continued.

“Pennsylvania is ready and willing to offer any support needed for those affected by this historic natural disaster,” Governor Wolf said. “Our hearts go out to residents, law enforcement, responders, National Guard, PA Task Force 1 team members, and all others affected and involved.”

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health released its latest report on lead prevention in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf announced his support for universal blood-lead level testing for all children, under the age of two, in Pennsylvania and called on the Department of Health to work with the General Assembly and communities to draft legislation requiring the testing.

On Thursday, Governor Wolf joined a group of bipartisan governors to send a letter to Congressional leadership that detailed recommendations to strengthen health insurance markets.

“I am proud to again join bipartisan governors from across the country to help improve the health insurance system,” said Governor Wolf. “We must protect the gains we have made in Pennsylvania and many other states, but we all recognize that there are commonsense changes that can make the cost of care less expensive and more accessible. Instead of working to destabilize the health insurance system, Congress should work with governors to improve the system for all Americans.”

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