Weekly Update: Supporting Job Creation and the Middle Class, Continuing Fight for a Severance Tax, Backing Bill to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

November 03, 2017

On Tuesday, Governor Wolf visited Webjunto in Philadelphia to meet with employees and highlight the importance of workforce training and job creation. The governor continued to promote job creation in PA with the announcement of the creation of 285 jobs in Wilkes-Barre and the approvals of small business projects that will create nearly 400 jobs over the next three years.

As part of his commitment to creating jobs that pay and supporting the middle class, Governor Wolf created a Middle Class Task Force to host meetings across the commonwealth and hear Pennsylvanians’ concerns and ideas to improve the lives of the middle class. This week the task force hosted meetings in Pittstown, Luzerne County and at Edinboro University in Erie County.

On Monday, Governor Wolf addressed the Pennsylvania Press Club and discussed the need for a severance tax.

“There is no greater example of Harrisburg dysfunction than the House Republicans’ refusal to vote on a severance tax.” Governor Wolf said. “Last week, the House Republican leadership could have called up a vote on this tax on big oil and gas companies, but neglected to do so. It’s well past time to pass a tax on shale. And we saw just that in the past few months after the repeated failure of the Republican House to finalize a budget deal and their refusal to pass a severance tax.”

Combating the heroin and opioid epidemic is a top priority for Governor Wolf and, on Wednesday, he urged Congress to pass the “Combating the Opioid Epidemic Act.” The bill was introduced by U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Ed Markey.

“In Pennsylvania, our efforts to save lives and get people into treatment are making a difference but there is still more work do to and the federal government must be a bigger partner,” Governor Wolf said. “Washington must do more to give states resources and tools to get people help.”

Also on Wednesday, the governor was joined by Philadelphia city officials and state legislators to sign a bill that would crack down on nuisance bars, also known as ‘stop-and-go’ stores. The legislation was included in the Fiscal Code and gives the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board the authority to conduct more inspections and immediately suspend the liquor license of establishments that are harmful to communities.

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