Wolf Administration Announces Safe Schools Plan Following Incidents of Racism in PA Schools (Round-up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

November 18, 2016

Yesterday, the Wolf Administration announced a response plan for Pennsylvania schools that have been experiencing incidents of racism and religious intolerance. When an incident occurs, the administration has directed school officials to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Safe Schools. The Office of Safe Schools can send counselors to schools and work with the Pennsylvanian Human Relations Commission to determine if additional resources are needed.

“We need to fight racism and bigotry when it arises and my administration will work actively with school districts and other public institutions to stand up to intolerance,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “Our schools must be safe and open spaces where all children can learn and grow free of concerns for their physical, mental, and emotional safety.”

Take a look at the coverage:

  • PennLive: Wolf Administration issues directives to help schools fight hate and racial incidents

    The administration has directed schools to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education Safe Schools office and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission whenever an incident of hate or intolerance takes place. State offices will dispatch counselors to the school and along with commission staff take appropriate measures to provide assistance. The Pennsylvania State Police will also play a role, monitoring threats and providing support to victims and other law enforcement agencies.

  • York Dispatch: Wolf: Safe Schools plan developed after racist incidents

    Schools throughout the state have reported increased incidents of bullying and racial harassment in the wake of the election. York County School of Technology is one local example. On Nov. 9, a video was taken of students marching through the hallway with a Donald Trump sign, while one student shouted “white power.” The video sparked outrage, and other students came forward with complaints of harassment. In response to such incidents, the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf has instructed school districts to contact the Office of Safe Schools if anything involving racism or religious intolerance occurs.

  • Philly Voice: Wolf administration develops ‘response plan’ for schools handling racist incidents

    Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced his administration has developed a response plan for schools to follow during incidents involving racism or religious intolerance. The plan directs school districts to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office of Safe Schools, which can provide school counselors, and work with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission to determine if any additional resources are needed.

  • CBS: Wolf Administration Responds To Racism Incidents In Schools

    Spurred by recent incidents involving racism and religious intolerance in schools, Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration released a response plan. The PA Department of Education sent a message to all superintendents in the state Thursday. It directs school districts to contact the Office of Safe Schools when an incident occurs. Also, the Wolf Administration says Pennsylvania State Police are monitoring threats and prepared to take action, if necessary.

  • WGAL: Racist incidents prompt “safe schools” plan from governor (VIDEO)


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