Wolf Administration Gives Update on Winter Storm, I-76 Situation

January 23, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – The Wolf Administration provided the following update on the winter storm across Pennsylvania and the situation on I-76 in the Somerset area:

At this time, there are over 250 first responders from state, county, and local government assisting in the evacuation of motorists on I-76. Thanks to the work of state, county, and local emergency responders, a majority of vehicles and passengers are now either moving or headed to a shelter. Between exits 127-129, traffic is moving and backlog is almost completely removed. Between exits 132-138, buses to evacuate people from the turnpike are on scene and are standing by to transport people to the shelters as needed.

“My first priority is the safely of all Pennsylvanians and we are currently using all resources available to assist any motorists that remain on I-76,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “Although challenges remain, we have devoted all available resources to help motorists and clear the Turnpike in this area.”

Passenger buses continue to be shoveled out, with some beginning to move off of the Turnpike. The Turnpike has deconstructed barriers in multiple locations to evacuate individuals.  Additionally, a number of freed passengers are beginning to move to the Bedford relief stations at the local high school and middle school. The shelters are open and ready to receive people.  The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Sheetz are working to provide meals for arrivals at the shelters.

Across the commonwealth, major progress is being made and state officials and first responders are out on the roads clearing snow and ensuring the safety of all people. Additionally, the total number of power outages for the state is currently at 1,406, which are down from 4,434 at 1:00 PM earlier today.

“State officials are working around the clock in all affected areas across the commonwealth,” said Governor Wolf. “We have seen great progress in clearing snow on roadways and assisting citizens and we will continue working through the night to clear roadways.”

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