Give Feedback on Pennsylvania Redistricting

Pennsylvania is drawing new congressional district maps, and Governor Tom Wolf wants your feedback. The way we draw these maps can give communities the opportunity to elect candidates who fight for their concerns.

Why is this happening now?

Once every 10 years, Pennsylvania draws new congressional district maps through the legislative redistricting process following the release of U.S. Census data.

As populations shift, voting district boundaries are updated so that our congressional lawmakers represent a fair portion of the state’s population.

How could this affect me?

The redrawn maps created through the redistricting process could change the boundaries of your voting district or even who represents you.

The redistricting process is now underway for several voting districts, including Pennsylvania’s congressional map for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Redistricting affects how Pennsylvania’s diverse communities are represented.

Who is drawing the new map?

Under state law, the Pennsylvania legislature is tasked with passing a bill defining congressional district boundaries, which is then considered by the governor.

The legislature will debate these maps this fall so that they can be in place for next year’s primary election.

How can I get involved?

To increase community engagement with this critical process, Governor Tom Wolf has established a Pennsylvania Redistricting Public Comment Portal to allow citizens to provide input on the congressional redistricting process.

Share your vision, draw and submit your own proposed voting district map, and see how other Pennsylvanians would like to see the commonwealth redistricted using the Pennsylvania Redistricting Public Comment Portal.

Maps, communities of interest, and comments shared via the portal will be considered by the governor as he works with the Pennsylvania legislature to develop new Congressional maps for the next decade.