Submit Feedback to the Pennsylvania School Safety Task Force

In the wake of recent tragic events, Governor Tom Wolf called for the organization the School Safety Task Force to address the following questions:

  • How should Pennsylvania improve school safety by addressing the healthcare needs of students who need help?
  • How should Pennsylvania further strengthen protections in school buildings?

To address these guiding questions, the School Safety Task Force will host six regional meetings across the state in April and May. Meetings will be held in south central, north central, northeast, northwest, southwest, and southeast Pennsylvania.

In addition to these efforts, the Governor’s Office invites you to provide your feedback on the questions listed above. If you wish to express your thoughts on these topics, please complete this form to share your comments with the School Safety Task Force.

Your thoughts and the information gathered by the School Safety Task Force will help guide future policy to ensure our schools are safe spaces conducive to learning and preparing students for their future.